Prinsco Drain tile


Prinsco Drain Tile

  • The average drainage system designed with Prinsco pipe will help improve overall crop health and productivity.
  • Properly drained fields with Prinsco tile will average higher yields with less wasted chemicals and fertilizer. For that reason, a well designed drainage system will pay for itself in 5 – 7 years, adding net profits to your bottom line for generations to come.
  • A drainage system backbone designed with high performance Prinsco products will ensure your farm’s green future for at least 100 years… or many generations to come.
  • Schmidtco Ag Services can design and coordinate the installation of your Prinsco drain tile and fittings

Watch this video to find out how Prinsco Drain Tile may increase your yields by up to 25% while helping you be a good steward of your land!