Prinsco Ecoflo 100

For over 30 years, Prinsco has been providing farmers with drainage solutions to ensure a greener future. That has always meant more green in the field for more green in your pocket!  Now, Prinsco has

given your greener future a whole new meaning with an environmentally-friendly product called ECOFLO100. It’s a dual-wall pipe made with a minimum of
40% recycled content and engineered to provide maximum water flow and capacity for your critical drainage mains. Most importantly, it’s tested and verified to offer a
100 year service life – an unprecedented performance level for any drainage pipe on the market today!

With ECOFLO100 at the core of your drainage system, your farm’s green future can be passed on from generation to generation. Now is the time to go green by choosing gold!

ECOFLO100 : Features & Benefits

  • Engineered blend of high density polyethylene material containing 40% minimum recycled content
  • Engineered to meet 100 year service life protocol
  • Watertight integral bell and spigot coupling system
  • Bell and spigot is verified to ASTM D3212 10.8 psi laboratory test
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to cut in the field
  • Full offering of standard and custom fittings
  • Bell and spigot allows for quick and easy installation reducing costs while increasing efficiency
  • Low Manning’s value allows for greater flow capacity and reduces sediment or debris build-up
  • Lightweight and easy field manipulation saves time, labor, and allows for the use of smaller equipment

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