Reinke Remote Management Systems

Remote Mangement

Monitor and control any time, anywhere. Through almost any device, you can command and monitor multiple pivots from almost asny distance. You’ll
be able to see pivot locations, start, stop, monitor pressure, weather and more without being everywhere at once. It’s on-the-go, push-buttto ease for less time managing, irrigation and more time getting everything else done.

The benefits are numerous

  • 24/7 real-time monitor and control
  • Less wear on vehicles
  • Less time driving to pivots
  • Fuel savings
  • Labor savings
  • Electricity savings
  • Compatible with competitive machines
  • Only minutes needed to manage pivots
  • Windows compatible
  • Integrate with RPM pivot control panels
  • Track, record and group application data for increased water efficiency
  • Use a cell phone, smartphone, landline, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer for greater flexibility
  • Multiple pivot commands including start, stop, system speed, water pump, chemical pump, auxiliary control and much more
  • Ability to monitor flow, pressure, application, wind, voltage, heat units, rain and temp