Renke Irrigation Center Pivot Systems

The Reinke name is synonymous with center pivots.

Pivot Point Features

The Reinke pivot point is engineered to with-stand the stress and force exerted on it by the pivot system under all field conditions.  The clean open design allows easy access to the controls while it provides a safer setting and simple access to other components requiring minimal maintenance.  It can easily be retro-fitted to any substantial competitive pivot pad when the need to upgrade existing equipment is required.

  1. Pivot Legs – The pivot legs utilize high-strength, 9-gauge, 60,000 psi yield, galvanized steel. The increased strength gained from the roll formed, C-channel design and the 8″ wide x 3″ x 1.25″ cross section of the pivot legs, eliminates the need for cross bracing and provides easy access to all the components in the lower structure. The wider leg is attached to a large pivot foot by four grade 5, 5/8″ bolts and then securely anchored to the pad with commercial grade, 1” bolts.
  2. Pivot Platform Steps – Heavy-duty perforated platform steps (not angle) can be mounted on one or more pivot legs and have been specifically designed for a comfortable and safe ascent. An optional walkway is available that provides easy access to all parts of the upper structure.
  3. Pivot Bearing – The 18″ long bearing made from 1/4″ thick close fit tubing is cradled within eight strategically placed gussets eliminating any distortion so the bearing can run “free”without sticking or binding. A single lip or the optional (low pressure) triple lip pivot gasket seals against a stainless steel surface to optimize gasket life and provide an excellent seal.
  4. Pivot Flex Joint – The multi-directional pivot flex joint, connected above the pivot bearing to a full diameter long sweep top elbow, is standard on all Reinke systems. The pivot flex joint is designed to minimize the stress exerted on the pivot bearing and structure.
  5. Pivot Riser – The riser pipe, below the pivot bearing, is available in two different heights to accommodate inlet hook-ups. The long sweep bottom elbow provides a friction reducing passage of flow to the system and is offered in a variety of options (plain, SAE flange, and ring-lock coupler ends). Several filter options can be used in place of the bottom elbows that mate with the riser and the inlet pipe.
  6. Collector Reel – The collector reel has a corrosion resistant, aluminum housing to provide years of reliable service. The top is domed to direct any condensation to the sides and down instead of dripping onto the electrical contacts providing extended years of trouble free service.


Reinke offer five types of water pipe and several different diameters to accommodate varying water conditions. No other manufacturer offers as many choices.

The corrosive nature of your water, field size, terrain and soil type all have an impact on the material and diameter of the pipe in your system. Reinke offers more choices for a system that lasts longer, performs better, costs less to maintain and is backed by an industry exclusive 5 Year Structural Warranty.

For more than 40 years, Reinke has offered the widest variety of pipe materials in the industry. Back that with the experience and know-how to determine where best to use them and the result is a long-lasting, efficient system.

Drive Train

The Reinke center drive is engineered to give you years of trouble-free service. Its high efficiency gear motor delivers exceptional torque to propel your system over the roughest terrain and difficult soil conditions.

Tower Assembly

Reinke’s unique single-leg tower is the best in the industry. Engineered to absorb stress that would normally be transferred to the pipeline, our tower design maximizes system life and reduces component fatigue – which means less wear and tear on the system, and less maintenance and ownership costs for you.

End Boom

End Booms are available in several lengths (3′, 13′, 23′, 32′, 42′, 51′, 61′, 85′ and 105′).
Truss rods and inverted truss supports provide the primary support for strength and stability.
The 6″ sand trap and control box, for the optional booster pump, are located near the
tower for ease of servicing. The booster pump itself is located at the end gun for maximum efficiency.